Why do Humans Drink Milk?

Thought I would post a short answer I did on Quora.

All I can say is that some dairy is a staple on the Ketogenic diet while others are an absolute no-no.

Butter & cheese have been very goods friends of mine on the keto diet and eating these in excess has helped me lost 35lbs to date.

I have given up on milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and anything other dairy that could have hidden sugars in them. Oh yes! I said hidden.

The milk industry has been fiercely fighting the government to continue to NOT disclose how much sugar they ad to milk. They somehow have been able to get away with this for decades and there is a lot of added sugar in milk that they do not list on the nutritional label.

No wonder Americans have this strange addiction to milk. They are addicted to the sugar in it.

Think about this:

  1. Humans are the only species that drink the lactation of another species.
  2. Humans are the only species that drink lactation after they are weaned.

Kind of weird when you think about it.

Just saying.

Scott West

Scott West M.Ed. BSCS

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