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I am not a big coffee drinker. In fact if it wasn’t for the benefits of drinking a “Keto Coffee” I wouldn’t drink coffee at all. Coffee makers, french presses, grinders, coffee shops, Kurig machines, and espresso does nothing for me so finding something that was healthy yet easy to make was my mission. Fortunately for me Mount Hagen makes a wonderful instant coffee. In fact I think you wont find a better alternative to the coffee ingredient for your Keto Coffee or BulletProof Coffee, whatever you want to call it, than this instant coffee.

Because you need to blend these ingredients I feel that coffee from a maker or french press will cool down too much from the blending process. If I am going to drink coffee then I want it freakin hot! I place all ingredients including the Mount Hagen in the blender first and then ad boiling water from my electric kettle. This melts the coconut oil and butter real fast and blending becomes easier without cooling down the whole concoction.

Using this method I can make myself a Keto Coffee in under 5 minutes. Roughly the time to bring my water to a rolling boil in the electric kettle. Maybe less, guess I will need to time it exactly tomorrow morning.

Here is an exert from the companies website:

Choice coffee, spicy and complex in its flavors – its production alone is an art unto itself. Producing it in a way that benefits all participants, is another work of art altogether.

Yet this is precisely our claim. What good is an opulent espresso to anyone if forests are destroyed and the soil is contaminated with aggressive chemicals just to produce it? And does the finest single origin Arabica taste good to you if the coffee farmers can’t even send their children to school with the money they make from it?

Not to us. That’s why we work together with Fairtrade and pay the prices set by the organization. That’s why all of our coffees are organic, grown in small cultivations under shade trees. Which in turn is a reason why it tastes so outrageously delicious. And the others?

Scott West M.Ed. BSCS

Scott West is an expert in Success Psychology & Performance Psychology with a focus on health, wealth, & lifestyle success.

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