Precision Xtra Blood Ketone and Glucose Test Kit Review

Precision xtra blood ketone meterThe most effective way to lose weight on the Ketogenic Diet is to continuously monitor and maintain your body’s state of ketosis. To do this, you must measure and monitor the presence of ketones in your bloodstream using the Precision Xtra Ketone & Glucose Blood Meter .In my experience, this product is the absolute best for accurately monitoring the ketone levels in my bloodstream, allowing me to accurately maintain my ketogenic state.

smack fat ketone test stripsWhen you are first starting out on the Keto Diet, something as drastic as frequent blood tests may seem daunting. I suggest monitoring ketone levels with basic urine tests to begin with, however when you go from amateur to professional, and your body becomes fat-adaptive , your body will become less likely to provide accurate results with the simple urine test, causing the need for a blood ketone level test. I have been in deep ketosis myself, with my body solely burning fat and struggled with readings from the urine test, simply because the body has moved its ketone production completely to the blood stream. In reality the urine shows excess ketones so once your body begins to truly utilize ketones then the blood test is the only way to go.

Once the necessity of a blood test is reached, this kit is a great choice. The kit comes with 10 ketone test strips , which is a huge bonus considering the test strips can be expensive. In addition, they come with glucose test strips. I didn’t think I cared about the glucose strips at first, but once I had them I found it interesting to test my body’s glucose levels after eating certain things. The glucose strip tests aren’t necessary for monitoring a ketogenic state, but it was interesting to experiment with how my body reacted to different foods, adding an extra layer of understanding to my keto-knowledge.

This Precision Xtra Ketone & Glucose Blood Meter kit comes with everything you need to start testing. With just a single purchase, you’re ready to begin monitoring your keto journey. My personal favorite part of the kit was the spring loaded pen used to prick your finger. I was not to keen on having to prick myself and certainly didn’t want to have to do it manually. The pen makes it a lot easier to get it done quickly and with minimal pain. I’ve found that pricking the side of the finger is much easier and less painful, due to the fact that there is only a fraction of nerve endings in the side of your finger compared to the tip of the finger. Make sure the needle is set at the right level though. There is nothing worse than pricking your finger and getting no blood for a complete test.

The meter only needs a tiny drop of blood and is able to produce results in 10 seconds. The optimal range for ketosis in the blood is between 1.0 and 5.0. Anything below 1.0 and you need to kick in some more fat into your diet to fuel the ketogenic processes. My first reading clocked a 2.7 which I was very happy to see. I then went on a little experiment knowing I could raise my ketone levels fairly easy over the course of a day so I went overboard on fat and ate zero carbs. I then tested at a whopping 4.2! When you can maintain numbers like these your weight loss comes so much easier to do, and you gain an observable understanding of what your body needs for ketosis!

Bottom Line: This Precision Xtra Ketone & Glucose Blood Meter allows you to be certain of your ketogenic state, and how far into the keto process you are. You have to know your ketone levels if you are to be successful on the ketogenic diet.


Scott West

Scott West M.Ed. BSCS

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