Three Foods for Ketosis – Not What You Think

Foods for Ketosis I am often asked what are the best foods you can eat on a ketogenic diet to get into and stay in ketosis. I am also asked quite often what foods should people not eat to get into and stay in ketosis. Today I will dig into my ketogenic bag and reveal […]

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Cloud Bread: Carb-Free Keto Alternative to Bread

We’ve all heard why carbs are bad, why you should avoid them, and how a lettuce wrap is “just as delicious” as the carby bread bun it’s replacing. Let’s be real though, lettuce wraps are definitely NOT as delicious as a bun on your cheeseburger dinner. Convenience and taste however, should not be reasons to […]

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4 Essential Keto-Friendly Carb Substitutes

Carbs & The Ketogenic Diet The truth about carbs, is that everybody LOVES to eat them. They taste good, they make you feel full, and there are so many different carbohydrate sources to choose from. However, the fullness fades off and you’re left feeling groggy and sluggish. The reason why, is that carbs are basically […]

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